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Dhamma School

Vidarshana Buddhist Vihara Dhamma School will be held every fortnight on Sundays except school holidays at the following location.

81 Baker Street, Carlingford NSW 2118

The format will be as follows;

5.00 pm Buddha Vandana & Meditation by Ven Hendala Seela Thero

5.30 pm to 6.30 pm Dhamma Class

We have planned to have two classes from this Sunday, one for junior students conducted by Mrs Ridma Thiranagama and the other for senior students by Mr Wijitha Gorakanage.

We are also facilitating a Zoom session for the benefit of students in regional NSW, in New Zealand and for students who are not able to attend face to face learning, we encourage students to attend face to face learning. The Zoom class will be conducted by Mrs Geetha.

We appreciate if the students can bring flowers and Candles for Buddha Vandana as requested by the Thero, it is not compulsory, it could be flowers plucked from the garden.

We welcome and encourage parents to get involved in the activities of Vidarshan Buddhist Vihara and or Dhamma School in whatever capacity that they are comfortable with, its a very friendly environment and we are certain that you'll enjoy and gain many Merits.


Jayantha Wickramasinghe

Coordinator Dhamma School

Vidarshana Buddhist Vihara Committee


+ 61 447 476 215
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